German Pilsner

4.99 % ABV

Crisp and bright. After the long journey that was 2020 this brew is the perfect way to start a new chapter.

Morning Edition

Dry English Stout

4.2 % ABV

An Irish Rye Stout brewed with English yeast. Dark and roasty, yet dry and delightful.

20/20 IPA

West Coast IPA

6.4 % ABV

We're all just waiting to toast 2020 goodbye and watch this year fade away like a distant memory in the rearview mirror. Hope we all look back with some clarity, until then, have another beer!


Barrel-Aged Black Saison blended with a blackberry sour.

9.2 % ABV

Dark and sultry with a hint of tart fruit. A collaboration with Fe'Nella's Berries.

Fool Me Twice


4.7 % ABV

No fooling around, this traditional English Style Beer delivers a knock-out pint. Hints of malt, balanced bitterness, and the perfect brew for the season.

Fallen Leaf


5.1 % ABV

The season is changing and it is time for a darker brew. This dunkel is a malty beer that features a deep, complex, rich malt flavor. There are bready-toasty notes that taste a bit like toasted breadcrust. Almost a a beer for tea-time...or is that Happy Hour?!?

Tortoise & Hare


7.6 % ABV

Always racing our way to that pint of IPA, but slow and steady won this race.

Return of the Razz

Kettle Sour

5 % ABV

The raspberry sour is back! A slightly tart (barely) beer with real raspberries!

Main Sail

Hard Seltzer

5.2 % ABV

An effervescent and refreshing new offering.
Featuring real raspberries.


Blonde Ale

5.6 % ABV

The color of golden straw with a hint of fresh cut hay.

Hazy IPA

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