House Hazy

Hazy IPA

6.7 % ABV

Simcoe, Mosaic, and Citra hops make our new House Hazy a hoppy brew with a true California danky edge!

Double Dose

Pale Ale

6.7 % ABV

This Pale Ale got a little more pumped and is now almost a double. Maybe it's just feeling a little more confident after that second shot... Still a smooth drinking pale, just with a little more punch.

Keep It Up

West Coast IPA

7.2 % ABV

Keep it Up.... all of it!

A nice blend of a hazy IPA meets a West Coast with some citrus hop notes and a nice bitter finish.

Fritz's Whiskers

Amber Lager

4.8 % ABV

Just a whispy hint of amber malt with a crisp finish. Also, who can resist those puppy whiskers?!?

Main Sail

Hard Seltzer

5.2 % ABV

An effervescent and refreshing new offering.
Featuring real raspberries and no additional sugar.

Morning Edition

Dry English Stout

4.2 % ABV

An Irish Rye Stout brewed with English yeast. Dark and roasty, yet dry and delightful.

Kettle Sour

Golden Summer Ale